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Button batteries

Here is a useful link explaining the dangers of these batteries. They are a choking hazard that can easily turn into to toxic burning chemical.

The future

What a night! Boris is back in and Brexit will happen.

Today I am sat at The University of Reading providing medical cover for their graduation ceremonies. I’m watching hundreds of students graduate and thinking what is the future for them.

If Boris can do what he says then it will be great, I’m not sure about the building of 40 new hospital and how he will achieve that, if he does it will be legendary. One of the biggest problems in hospital is capacity, you can throw as much money as you want into the NHS but if you haven’t got the physical beds and space you can’t do anything with it.

The same goes with the new Police Officer, I recently had a catch up with a good friend and senior officer in Thames Valley Police. He said the officers will be great followed by…. The problem is what are they going to drive? What equipment are they going to use? What space do we have for them? The issue being will the funds be made for everything the new officers need to do their job.

I’m keen to the what Boris is going to do, if he can come up with the goods and do what he says it will be a great start but we have had promises before….

BHTA First Aid and Medical Equipment section launch New Video – British Healthcare Trades Association

BHTA First Aid and Medical Equipment section launch New Video – British Healthcare Trades Association
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The Lifesaving Power of AED

Sky News: Girl, six, apologises after repeatedly calling 999 by accident

Great story, at least the message got through.

Man died ‘in agony’ after stroke amid ambulance delays – BBC News

First aid for parents

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