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Parent First Aid

A skill every parent should have.

A skill every parent should have.


Who is your first aider right now?
At work we all have first aiders but at home, in the car, on holiday and days out it isΒ you.

First Aid training for parents and family members is essential.

For many years I have provided first aid courses for parents. As a parent myself I know how important first aid training is for Mums and Dads. This training should be provided during “Parent Craft” classes but sadly often it is not. It is important that parents have basic knowledge but most importantly the confidence to cope with medical emergencies in the home. Knowledge on how to provide Resuscitation, how to cope with a choking child and how to recognise a serious head injury is essential. My 2hr parent course provides this information and much more. If you would like to organise a parent first aid session please get in touch.

Parent First Aid Course Information

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