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Free Defibrillator Training

Free training on how to use a defibrillator – Slough Friday 31st May


Friday 31st May From: 12:30 to 14:00 At: IQ Segro Marketing Suite – 210 Bath Road, SL1 3YD To register to attend email

Come to our taster session to learn the basics of defibrillation

Gruenderpreis 2004 IHK

  • Find out what is defibrillation
  • How to use an AED
  • How this method of first aid can help you, your colleagues and your family members

This 1.5 hour session really could save lives. For every minute that passes without defibrillation, the chances of survival decrease by 5%

To register to attend email


  • AED Defibrillator
  • Carry case
  • Responder kit
  • 2 hour Training Course
  • All for just £1600

Life Saving Defibrillators available at Corporate Health Research shows that applying a controlled shock within five minutes of collapse provides the best possible chances of survival. So, what is a defibrillator? A defibrillator is a life-saving machine that gives the heart an electric shock in some cases of cardiac arrest.

Who should have a Defibrillator? All work and public places such as offices, factories, sports associations, football clubs, leisure centres, shopping centres, private schools, railway stations, Dentist surgeries, GP surgeries and so on should have one onsite. Defibrillators can also be used in the home.

The Equipment Features: The AED has been designed to be:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable to buy
  • Inexpensive to run
  • Can be used for both adults and children

The Price: For £1,600 plus VAT, the AED Defibrillator is supplied with everything that you need to be up and running, including a free carry case (worth over £100) and a free Responder Kit. The cost includes a training course on site for up to 10 people.

The Training: If you have or decide to purchase a defibrillator, it is important that those who use it are appropriately and thoroughly trained. So, when you buy an AED from us, we will give you a free 2 hour course designed specifically for those who need to know how to use a defibrillator correctly in the event of a cardiac arrest. This is both a practical and hands on course, usually sold separately at £70 per person plus VAT.

Life Saving Defibrillators available at Corporate Health The only shock you’ll get is the one that you want! For more information, call 0330 330 3095 or email For technical information email

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